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Marcus J. – Los Angeles, CA
John Y. – Costa Mesa, CA
Robert C. – La Habra , CA
Living Room
Breakfast Nook

Monthly Featured Project


  This client was looking for   stunning  elegant flooring That would modernize the look of there lake front property. The idea was to  create a luxuiruous feel that would also "pop" in the … [Read More...]

Some of our clients include:


  • Granite Elite

    Our chip systems are like no other out there. With our special chip blending process, we are able to offer any size or shape. [read more...]
  • Epoxy

    Looking to make your new or old floor look like new? For a reasonable cost a solid color maybe what your looking for. [read more...]
  • Acid Stains

    Looking for a very unique but very beautiful look for your garage drive way, patio, or walk way. A chemical stain could be just what you looking for. [read more...]
  • Micro Topping

    Want the look of stone, brick, marble, or pretty much any thing you can imagine. The sky's the limit with our unique materials and applications process. [read more...]
  • Parking Structures

    Seamless Floor Coatings Parking structure systems utilizing Advanced polymer technologies have become the number one choice for Architects designers and builders around the world[read more...]
  • Counter Tops

    Seamless Floor Coatings is the premiere manufacturer of concrete fixtures for the home or business. We've been making concrete countertops, concrete sinks, surrounds, tiles and pavers since 1939.[read more...]

Service Areas

Seamless floor coatings is known around the world for our work . Whether your job is across the road or across an ocean Seamless Floor Coatings has you covered. Seamless Floor Coatings is excited to announce it Has opened a new location in Beautiful Rockwall Texas allowing our teams even greater reach and faster project turnaround times for the central and east coast of the united states. Please contact us today for service.